December10, 2011!

Lotus Digital Systems - The Future of Digital Imaging

Lotus is Proud to announce the launch of the revolutionary Xaar Proton 35pl print head based large format printers. These printers can print with high resolution as well as with high speeds to give the customer an edge over its competition.

revolutionaryProton 35pl launched

The Lotus XBX3200 printer is equipped with the new revolutionary P35 print head ( Proton 35pl ). The highest resolution achieved is 360x1440 ( 8 pass ).

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Economical LS series Printers

For the entry level print shops, the best and the most economical design is the Lotus LS3200. The transportation cost the LS3200 series printers is very economical, thus giving it an edger over its competitors.

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time zone covered Support available 24hrs

The Lotus online support staff is available 24hrs on weekdays and is avaiable for 6 hrs on weekends..

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USb compatible Easy to install Printers

All the Lotus Products are based on High Speed USB 2.0 connections and thus are esy to install and run at customer site.

Latest Updates

New 2012 launch

BX Series Printers

Lotus Digital Systems has recently launched its BX Series of printers which are the most stable and relaible of its kind.

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Online support

lotus support

Lotus Digital Systems provides online support for its customer to reduce machine downtime and problem solving.

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Print Heads

Official oem

Lotus Digital Systems directly buys print heads from the print head manufacturers like Xaar, Konica Minolta and Fuji Dimatix.

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